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Volume 22-No.3 September
Undercover videos expose Planned Parenthood; Taxpayer money spent on fetal tissue research; BioTech firms plans to harvest organs from aborted babies.
Volume 22-No.2 June
Effects of praying at abortion clinics; Hillary Clinton regarding religious beliefs; Surrogacy firms selling babies; AB775 Requires crisis pregnancy centers to inform about abortion options.
Volume 22-No.1 March
New Format!! Financial report; Companies that donate to Planned Parenthood; Abortion pill reversal; Pro-life entertainment.
Volume 21-No.4 December
Letter from YSRTL president; The Appointment short film; Contraceptives & stroke; Brook Shields' book "There Was a Little Girl"; West Coast Walk for Life 2015; 40 Days for Life stats; Affordable Care Act and abortion transparency; The Population Bomb
Volume 21-No.3 September
Planned Parenthood's Clergy Advisory Board; Sterilization via microchips; 40 Days for Life Yuba City; America as a destination for sex-selection abortions; Movie with a pro-life message: The Giver, staring Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep.
Volume 21-No.2 June
Aborted babies burned for power; Nancy Pelosi given Margaret Sanger Award; Pro-Life celebrities; Companies that support Planned Parenthood; Pro-Life Apps; NuVaRing lawsuit; Sing a Little Louder
Volume 21-No.1 March
Jared Leto; Valerie Gatto, Miss Pennsylvania 2014; Three-parent embryo; Human Sex Trafficking.
Volume 20-No.4 December
Letter from YSRTL president; AB154 and AB980 signed into law; West Coast Walk for Life 2014; The Mother of the Pope; Pro-Life Without Exception video.
Volume 20-No.3 September
Gardasil causes menopause in 16-year old girl; Girl Scouts in Gay Pride Parade; Indian study shows 6-fold increase risk of breast cancer after abortion; When the Time Comes by Congressman Hyde; Inspirational stories.
Volume 20-No.2 June
Gosnell trial; Douglas Karpen- the Gosnell of Texas; Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act; Walk for Life Results; AB154 Update
Volume 20-No.1 March
Annual financial report; Depo-Provera and memory loss; An antidote for RU-486? "Save the 1" initiative.
Volume 19-No.4 December
Letter from YSRTL president, Apple and China's One Child Policy, “The Voice of John” Documentary, “It’s a Girl” documentary, Adult Stem Cell Nobel Prize, United Airlines and Planned Parenthood, Complete Recovery from Vegetative State
Volume 19-No.3 September
Yuba City Planned Parenthood doing "medical abortions"; Community Baby Shower movement; Where the presidential candidates stand on life.
Volume 19-No.2 June
HHS mandate, sex-selective abortions, 40 Days for Life Update, military chaplains and homosexual “marriage”, end of life decisions, summer pro-life reading list, and presidential voting guide.
Volume 19-No.1 March
Planned Parenthood and the Girl Scouts; American Heritage Girls, Girl-Scouts alternative; Florida teen killed for refusing to have abortion; "Do Chocolate Lovers Have Fewer Babies?"
Volume 18-No.4 December 2011 Message from the YSRTL President; House committee asks Planned Parenthood to turn over documentation; The movie "180"; West Coast Walk for Life 2012;
Volume 18-No.3 September 2011 FDA review of safety of birth control; New Indiana pro-life law; Stop SB48!; Texas defunds Planned Parenthood; Where the candidates stand;Recoveries from Persistent Vegetative State documented.
Volume 18-No.2 June
Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood; A Woman's Friend Walk for Life results; 485 babies saved during the Spring 40 Days for Life; Aborted fetal cell lines used in the testing of flavor enhancers.
Volume 18-No.1 March
Annual Financial Report; 2011 West Coast Walk for Life; Breast Cancer and "The Pill"; Birth Control and abortion; Planned Parenthood and child sex trafficking; "My Story" by Heather Pugh
Volume 17-No.4 December
Annual letter from YSRTL president; Planned Parenthood seeks expanded contraceptive coverage at taxpayer expense; ACLU tries to force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions; 40 Days for Life campaign saves 541 lives; Forced abortions in America; "The Watchman"
Volume 17-No.3 September
YSRTL wins 1st place fair ribbon; Planned Parenthood's True Colors; Another abortion pill approved by the FDA; Fall in Love with Family
Volume 17-No.2 June
Voting Guide; Girl Scouts & Planned Parenthood; Pro-Life Pointers
Volume 17-No.1 March
Annual Financial Report; 2010 West Coast Walk for Life; Maddy Curtis and American Idol; Article on popular men's website states how to coerce a woman into an abortion; Prayer for the Pro-Choice.
Volume 16-No.4 December 2009 New letter format! Annual letter from YSRTL president; Abby Johnson, director of a Texas Planned Parenthood resigns and becomes pro-life; West Coast Walk for Life bus registration; Interview with a Pro-Life Teen; Vanity, Money, and Death; The Gift of a Child.
Volume 16-No.3 September 2009 New expanded newsletter! Abortion/Breast Cancer Link; Health Care Reform; 40 Days for Life; Earlybird registration of West Coast Walk for Life bus trip; Expanded Edition: The Slaughter of the Innocents- Praying at Planned Parenthood
Volume 16-No.2 June
Court ruling makes Plan B available to 17yr olds; Kathy Ireland's pro-life stance; Judy Blume and Planned Parenthood; Nazi Germany vs Slavery vs Abortion comparison; Abraham Lincoln quotes.
Volume 16-No.1 March
YSRTL Financial Statement; 40 Days for Life Spring; Abortion-Breast Cancer Link;The Human Experience film
Volume 15-No.4 December 2008 Fall 40 Days for Life Campaign Results; In the News; Mary's Christmas Story; Save the Date: West Coast Walk for Life
Volume 15-No.3 September 2008 Election 2008: Prop 8- Marriage Ammendment, Prop 4- Sarah's Law, Presidential Candidates; Deaths & serious reactions to Gardasil; Russia's invasion of Georga.
Volume 15-No.2 June
Ethical vaccines; 40 Days For Life recap; Operation Outcry; AWF Walk for Life results; Rally to End Planned Parenthood Funding in CA.
Volume 15-No.1 March
Ways to help the Pro-Life movement succeed; Bills tried but failed; West Coast Walk for Life 2008.
Volume 14-No.4 December 2007 Bills effective Jan 2008; In the News; Woman who changes her mind after starting to take RU486 delivers successfully; Upcoming Events and Dates.
Volume 14-No.3 September 2007 Staying informed; Abortion - The Devil's Masterpiece; Yuba Sutter County Fair; Petition to Governor re use of tax monies for abortions; Upcoming Events and Dates.
Volume 14-No.2 June 2007 Des Moines Address; Partial Birth Abortion; Taxes Funds to Planned Parenthood; Pro-Life Banners; Website Help Needed; Rape & Cover Up Exposed; Yuba Sutter Fair Volunteers Needed; Religion, Faith & Government
Volume 14-No. 1 March 2007 Just Say No; South Dakota Abortion Ban; Notes of Interest; Respect Life Month; Stem Cell Research; Legislation; 2006 Financial Report.
Volume 13-No. 4 December 2006 President's Christmas Message; Election Results; Fetal Cell Lines in Vaccines; New Board Member Mary Anne Brayton; Proposition 85; Stem Cell Successes; Walk for Life West Coast; Santity of Life Sunday; Pro-Life Rally and Prayer Breakfast.
Volume 13-No. 3 September 2006 Colusa and Yuba-Sutter County Fairs Report; Plan B "Emergency Contraception"; Upcoming Events; Designer Babies; Teens Coping with Unwanted Births; Proposition 85.
Volume 13-No. 2 June 2006 General Membership Meeting; Spotlight on Youth; Upcoming Yuba-Sutter County Fair; War Deaths & Abortion Statistics; California Legislative Update .
Volume 13-No. 1 March 2006 Dr. Mike Gabhart; Open Meeting April 30; RU-486; A Distant Thunder; Legislature and the Courts; Respect Life Month; (Local Pro-Life Groups: Yuba Sutter Right to Life; Please Let Me Live-Life Chain; Youth for Life Alliance; A Woman's Friend Pregnancy Resource Center & Medical Clinic); Annual Financial Report.
Volume 12 -No. 4 December 2005 YSRTL President's Message; Local Family stands up and speaks out; Bizarre Court Decision; American Girl Dolls Linked to Abortion; Upcoming Events; ProLife Project.
Volume 12 - No. 3 September 2005 Recap of Colusa and Yuba-Sutter County Fairs and informational booth volunteers; "Charitable" organizations that support Planned Parenthood; Proposition 73; Upcoming Events; Susan G. Komen; Planned Parenthood video on internet attacking Pro-Lifers.
Volume 12 - No. 2 June 2005 Yuba-Sutter and Colusa County Fairs; Abortion Lawsuits, Adult Stem Cell Successes; Pro-Life Laws Save Lives; California's Assisted Suicide Bill; Social Security; Parents Beware of TV Land Programming.
Volume 12 - No. 1 March 2005 Post Abortion Syndrome; Rachel's Vineyard; PACE Program; Forbidden Grief; California's Doctor Assisted Suicide Bill; Yuba Sutter Fair; Consumers Report; YSRTL Financial Report.
Volume 11 - No. 4 December 2004 Prayer to end Abortion; Billboard Campaign; Christmas Message; Pro-Life Activities and websites (includes A Woman's Friend, Life Chain, Youth for Life); January 18,2005 Pro-Life Breakfast, Mass and Rally at State Capitol.
Volume 11 - No. 3 October 2004 Candidates Positions on Life issues; Proposition 71; Monthly Meetings; Yuba-Sutter Fair; United Way; Speakers Bureau; Rachel Williams.
Volume 11 - No. 2 June 2004 Emergency Contraception; Cheapest Abortion Yet via Misoprostol and Mifpristone; Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood; Teen Abstinence; Roseville School Board rejects liberal activists; St. Isidore Parish Support; Another Teen Abortion Death; American Association of Aborted People.
Volume 11 - No. 1 March 2004 Shift in pro-abortion attitude; Planned Parenthood use of Newspeak; RU 486 Death; Legislative Update; Life Talk on TV; South Dakota Abortion Ban; Help Wanted; Financial Report for 2003.
Volume 10 - No. 4 December 2003 Christian Business Alliance; Partial Birth Abortion Ban; Abortion/Breast Cancer & Estrogen/Cancer links; Pro-Life Rally; "Baptizing" the Aborted Baby; Death from RU 486 and Life on the Ballot.
Volume 10 - No. 3 September 2003 Yuba-Sutter Fair; Patty Justus; Crossroads Pro-Life Students; Test Your Knowledge; Life Chain; A Woman's Friend Banquet; Christian Business Alliance
Volume 10 - No. 2 July 2003 Planned Parenthood-Yuba City and Telephone Transcript; Bishop Weigand and Legislators; PP and its Deception; Yuba-Sutter Fair Volunteers; Board Meetings; Legislative Update; Life Talk
Volume 10 - No. 1 March 2003 Planned Parenthood agenda; PP Sources of Income; PP Influence on Government; Abortion in School Restroom; Financial Report for 2002.
Volume 9 - No. 4 December 2002 Christmas message; Cultural Imperialism upon Third World Countries
Volume 9 - No. 3 September 2002 Vote for Life; Yuba-Sutter Fair; UNICEF; Stop Planned Parenthood; Life Chain; AWF (A Woman's Friend) Banquet; Thank You, Mr. President; Calif. Gov. Gray Davis' Pro-Abort Bills; Pope John Paul II's Respect Life Statement.
Volume 9 - No. 2 June 2002 LifeTalk Programming; Time to Get Involved; Yuba-Sutter Fair Volunteers; Financial Report for 2001; Fr. Pavone, Priests for Life; SB 1302, Non-Physician Drug Induced Abortions
Volume 9 - No. 1 March 2002 LifeTalk television endeavor; PBS and Dr. Ruth (Between the Lions); Unborn Children & Healthcare; China Bans RU 486; Words of Encouragement; Abortion & Breast Cancer Link; Membership Renewal & Volunteering
Volume 8 - No. 4 December 2001 Funding anti-life organizations (Microsoft, Turner Broadcasting, CNN, AOL, Time-Warner, Hewlett-Packard, Sees Candy, Dairy Queen, GEICO Ins., Berkshire-Hathaway), Over the Counter Abortafacients, Abortionist Baptism, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Human Cloning.
Volume 8 - No. 3 September 2001 Yuba-Sutter Fair; Alan Keyes/AWF Banquet; Life Chain 2001; Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR); Planned Parenthood; Fraudulent Fund Raising
Volume 8 - No. 2 May 2001 Pro-Life 101 Seminar; Scott Klusendorf; Euthanasia; STD Epidemic; YSRTL Brochure; Embryo experimentation; Legislation (HR 503, S 480, SB 780, SB 862, Fair Volunteers, Membership Form)
Volume 8 - No. 1 March 2001 Pro-Life 101 Seminar; YSRTL Website; Legislation (SB 251, SJR 3, AB 130); RU 486; Abortion Numbers; President Bush; Contact Legislators; Financial Report
Volume 7 - No. 3 December 2000 Christmas Message; Television Advertising; Euthanasia; RU 486, the Chinese Connection and Rockefeller Foundation; Prayer for Life; Pro-Life Seminar/Scott Klusendorf
Volume 7 - No. 2 Summer 2000 Pro-Life Projects Update (advertising, community fairs, doctors' literature, presentations, training seminars, library packets) Yuba Sutter Fair & Volunteers; Roe v Wade; Post-Abortion Syndrome; Partial Birth Abortion; Presidential Candidate Positions; Boycott Requests; One Vote Counts; Looking for a Few Good People; United Way; Women's Friend Banquet
Volume 7 - No. 1 Spring 2000 Protecting Human Life; Abortion Numbers; Yuba Sutter Fair; Fetal Tissue Experimentation; RU 486 Update; Financial Report; Legislation (AB 1749 Parental Consent, SB 1827 Partial Birth Abortion)
Volume 6 - No. 4 December 1999 Christmas '99 Message; Appeal-Democrat Supplement; A Positive Thought; War and Abortion Casualties; Heartbeats; Support and Boycott of Companies; Support Life; Legislation (Partial-Birth Abortion, Children Medical Treatment without Parental Permission); Peter Singer; Prayer for Life
Volume 6 - No. 3 September 1999 Yuba-Sutter Fair & Volunteers; Local Pregnancy Centers & Fall Banquets; Life Chain; Pro-Life Information on the Web; Legislation (AB 1363-treatment of Children w/out parental permission, AB 1592 Physician Assisted Suicide) Partial Birth Abortion; United Way Campaign
Volume 6 - No. 2 June 1999 Planned Parenthood; National Abortion Federation; Pro-Abortion Ads; Available Pro-Life Information; Financial Report
Volume 6 - No. 1 January 1999 Donation Dollars; Gary Arlington; Cheryl Bartlett; Literature Library; Doctors' Office Project; Partial-Birth Abortion; parental Notification; John Ashcroft; Penalty for Animal Torture vs. Killing Newborn; Mission of Right to Life Groups; Focus on the Family; Life Decisions International; Boycotts; Congressional Action; Federal Funding