Spiritual Adoption Program


Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Intercessor of the Unborn, pray for us.


Dear Friends in Christ,

Since the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion for all nine months of pregnancy in this country, over 41 million babies have been destroyed in the womb. With this assault on human life increasing at an alarming rate, I am asking each of you today to make a personal commitment to pray daily for one unborn child who is in danger of being aborted. This Spiritual Adoption Program, originated by the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, involves praying that this unborn child will be carried to term and experience the fullness of life, as God intended.

For just a moment, picture a young woman who just this week discovered that she is seven weeks pregnant. What she may not know is that her baby's heart has been beating for four weeks; the baby can flex its fingers and toes and suck on his or her thumb. The baby is totally dependent on her. She is considering aborting this baby. She may be under pressure from others and think there is no other option. But many people, like us, do care enough to help her and her baby. All our prayers can make a difference in whether this baby will be born-or aborted. Our prayers can also be a form of spiritual support for both of the baby's parents.

I am requesting that every day you say the prayer written by Archbishop Sheen and shown above and at the end of this page for your adopted child. During your earthly life this spiritually adopted child will be known only to God, but in the world to come it is hoped that you will meet the child whose life was spared by your prayers! I also encourage you to name your baby and give him or her an identity. Each month we will place a poster in the vestibule showing the baby's development and bulletin announcements will also follow the baby's progress. Additional fetal development information is in the Right to Life display in the vestibule. At the end of the nine-month period we will celebrate the births of our spiritually adopted babies with our annual baby shower for A Woman's Friend Pregnancy Resource Center in Marysville. In this way we can also help, in a very tangible way, the mothers as they bring to term these beautiful gifts of life.

May God bless you and your loved ones.
In Christ,
Rev. Manuel B. Soria

Spiritual Adoption Program - Your Baby's Progress
(also, see large posters in the vestibule of the Church)

First Month:

At fertilization a new human life begins, complete with his or her own unique set of DNA, which is present from the first moment of life. The new little person's sex is also determined from the moment of conception. During this first amazing month the baby grows to 10,000 times his or her size at conception. By the third week the baby's heart begins to beat.


Second Month:

The developing baby is now called a fetus, which is Latin for "little one." He or she is making rapid progress developing all external and internal organs. During the second month baby teeth form; fingers and toes are developing. Ears, nose, lips and tongue can now be clearly seen. Brain waves can be recorded. The skeleton changes from cartilage to bone. Forty muscle sets begin their first exercises. This Little One can now suck his or her thumb. By eight weeks all body systems are present.


Third Month:

The baby can now squint, swallow and move his or her tongue. Baby sleeps and awakens. Fingernails and toenails form. He or she now has his or her own unique set of fingerprints. Sensitive to touch, he or she will tightly grasp an object placed in the palm of the hand. He or she breathes amniotic fluid to help develop and strengthen the respiratory system, but gets the oxygen needed through the umbilical cord.


Fourth Month:

The baby's brain has begun maturing-a process that will continue until he or she is about 14 years old. The eyelids are now sealed shut and will re-open at seven months. The taste buds are working. Nutrients consumed by his or her mother are passed on to the baby within an hour or two. Three hundred quarts of fluid a day are sent to the baby via the umbilical cord. Fine hair begins to grow on the head, eyebrows and eyelashes. Facial expressions similar to the baby's parents can be seen at this time. This month REMs (rapid eye movements) have been recorded-a sign of dreaming!


Fifth Month:

This month marks the halfway point to birth, and the baby is very active. Sleep habits develop and the mother can feel him or her move and stretch, particularly when mom is resting. Baby is big and strong enough to kick hard against the outside uterine wall and dent it. Up to now, although he or she swam with ease in his or her watery world, the baby was too small for the mother to detect because the inside wall of the uterus has no feeling. Babies born at this age have survived.


Six Month:

The baby can now roll over inside the womb. Oil and sweat glands are functioning. A white filmy layer called vernix covers the baby and protects the delicate skin from the surrounding amniotic fluid. This waxy substance will be quickly absorbed into the skin soon after birth. He or she can now respond to sound. The lungs are fairly well developed, and he or she would stand a good chance of survival if born at this time.


Seventh Month:

Beginning this month the baby uses all four senses. Eyelids open and close, and the eyes look around. The baby can taste, touch, cough, yawn and hiccup. He or she now recognizes his or her mother's voice. His or her grip is even stronger now than it will be after birth. The hair on the head is growing longer and the downy covering on the rest of the body is disappearing. During this time the baby will receive antibodies from his or her mother providing immunity to a wide variety of diseases.


Eight & Ninth Month:

In the last two months the baby continues to gain weight. He or she is developing a layer of fat that will keep him or her warm after birth. In the ninth month baby will shift to a head-down position, preparing for birth. The lungs are now fully developed and capable of making the transition to breathing air. After birth he or she will continue the human growth process for approximately the next 80 years.


(graphics Linda Benegan, Archdiocese of Baltimore, Respect Life, Spiritual Adoption Program)


Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Intercessor of the Unborn, pray for us.