Below are videos related to life-issues. Many of them are from other pro-life organzations.


99 Balloons- Dear Eliot

The story of Eliot, who was born with "Edward Syndrom". This is the story of his parents' joy of being with Eliot, even if it is a short time.

Happy Birthday, by Flipsyde

This is a touching music video about a father regretting the abortion of his child.


Planned Parenthood Abuse Coverup Scandal

This is a news video from Fox News (Bill O'Reilly) regarding a Planned Parenthood sting where a woman posed as a 13 year old pregnant girl trying to get an abortion at Planned Parenthood. A Planned Parenthood representative was more than happy to assist with bypassing the mandatory notification laws.


The Human Experience movie trailer

Showing at Glad Tidings March 22, 2009
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This is a feature-film by Grassroots Films that shows how every life is worthwhile. They visit various poor parts of the world, from the United States to South America to Africa.

Everyone Against Abortion, Please Raise your Hand

This is a short clip from Priests for Life. It shows how the aborted fetus isn't just a fetus, it is a human.


Superbowl Ad NBC and CNN Rejected

This ad shows how even the most disadvanted child, those largly targeted for abortion, can grow up to be President.



Are You Going to Finish Strong- Nick Vujicic

This video features Nick Vujicic, a man born without arms or legs. It shows that he overcame his disabilities and lives his life. His disabilities would have made him a target of abortion. Yet, this shows that his life is worth living.

We Want to See the World

This is a music video written by David Burke. It is a sacred song between an angle and unborn children.


Georgia Right to Life- Personhood

I am a Person GRTL TV Spot from Georgia Right to Life on Vimeo.


Georgia Right to Life- I am a Person

The Path to Personhood GRTL Promo 2008 from Georgia Right to Life on Vimeo.